Joseph et Antoine Amrani – Delice et Chocolat



French-born brothers, Joseph and Antoine Amrani, grew up enjoying pastries in their grandmother’s kitchen.  When they came to the United States they took their culinary training from Europe and started working for renowned chef Georges Perrier.  

Joseph, the older brother, gravitated towards the front of house, while taking trips to Lyon and observing the great brasseries and cafes and how they operated.  While at University of Grenobles, Joseph got into the fashion industry which later took him to Paris.  After spending a few years in Paris his culinary upbringing resurfaced and brought him to Philadelphia, where he quickly met and started working for Georges Perrier. After a tenure at Brasserie Perrier Joseph went to the mainline and opened Le Mas Perrier for Georges in Wayne, PA.  Joseph found his niche in the market and started opening and turning around restaurants for well known chefs in the Philadelphia area.  After 20 years of doing that he and his brother decided that they wanted to branch out on their own and start Delice et Chocolat.  

Antoine, the younger brother and pastry chef, grew up in his grandmother’s kitchen.  From a very young age he started tastings and asking questions about ever aspect of cooking and from that developed a deep passion for the craft. Antoine honed his culinary skills at the Ritz-Escoffier in Paris.  Afterwards, moving to the United States and working as a pastry chef at Le Bec Fin for 8 years.  After Le Bec Fin, Antoine’s career lead him to Dubai where he ran a chocolate company for over 5 years.  After returning to the United States, Antoine, and his brother Joseph, decided that they wanted to bring their culinary and hospitality talent to Ardmore and thus, Delice et Chocolat was born.  

Delice et Chocolat, was opened on June 10th 2017, and has been providing the main line and the greater Philadelphia area with a little taste of Paris ever since.  We have announced our plans to expand, which will give the company an opportunity to introduce the area to even more Parisian delights and culinary specialities.   

Thanks and let me know your thoughts!

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